we invite you to submit papers, workshops and posters for camhs 2016


Final call for papers

Around the world, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Professionals are working to offset the impact of increased socioeconomic hardship on children and young people.  Young people are growing up in a complex world, in which they are often described as the privileged knowledge generation of ‘digital natives’, but must also face the harsh realities of an increasingly tenuous and uncertain economy. The impact of socioeconomic difficulty on children’s mental health and wellbeing is well documented.  For many public, voluntary and private sector organisations, responding to this need is made more complex by funding cuts and changing policy and service delivery contexts.

This  3 day conference aims to provide space for a discussion of how we might best respond, as professionals and as academics, working with children, young people and their families, to the complex demands made of us, in this  socioeconomic context.  Papers, posters, workshops, symposia and other contributions are invited that address issues relevant to:

  • Health and welfare inequalities
  • Promoting mental health
  • Critical perspectives in children’s mental health
  • Involving young people in design and delivery
  • Widening access to CAMH services
  • Responding to the DSM V
  • Cultural issues in CAMHS
  • Innovations in CAMHS
  • Outcomes monitoring
  • Tackling ‘stigma’
  • Gender and sexualities
  • Working with families
  • Mental health in schools
  • Early Interventions
  • Participation and citizenship
  • Methodological issues in work with children, young people and their families
  • Working with vulnerable groups

Please do not feel restricted by these suggestions – these are suggested focuses but other CAMHS relevant topic will be welcomed.  To submit a paper, workshop, poster or symposium, complete this form: 

Keynote Speakers

Professor Ann Phoenix                                                 Professor Dave Pilgrim

Professor Helen Minnis                                                 Dr Claire Houghton                                                         

Invited workshop

Dr Andy Fugard                                                                 Professor Valeria Ugazio

Final call for papers

Submission for the Final Call for Papers are invited. The closing date for the first call is 15 May  2016.  Submissions should take the form of an abstract (up to 300 words).  You are welcome to submit either individual papers, symposia, or workshop proposals, as well as abstracts for posters.  To submit a paper, workshop, poster or symposium, complete this form: 

Authors submitting their abstract for the first call for papers should expect a response from the panel by no later than 22 May 2016

Contact us

For information regarding the conference themes, call for papers, etc, please email camhs@northampton.ac.uk.

For queries regarding registration, accommodation, etc, please contact Karin Ferngren. Karin.ferngren@northampton.ac.uk